Dependant on firends bad idea

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by zookeeperz, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. zookeeperz Trainee

    I have just about had enough of these games making you rely on friends to be able to get any of the mats needed . They are not even friends!!. I refuse to add johnny nobody just for a game. It is a fail . Time and time again these formats are used and they all end up being closed. I have already seen that you cannot get anywhere near enough mats from hunting esp the Yggdrasil Amber. Repeating runs only gives basic mats. Quests are only single completion only.
    I certainly do not want to be pushed to a cash shop for them. If I want to spend anything it will be by choice and not by the lack of elements in the game itself . I can see this turning in to a quick Cash Cow and burn game. Like 99% of all games today. Please don't go down this path. Listen to the gamers and then implement ,not ignore and do the opposite:)
  2. Dantine Administrator

    Yggdrasil amber can be gained daily through Anomaly quests, actually.

    Thanks for your feedback, I'll pass it onto the dev team. :)
  3. zookeeperz Trainee

    So what has happened?? The repeat quest I have like probably most people ,been doing since they started. Only diff is I'm 15 levels higher and cannot beat 7-11 level quest on hard now. It is obvious that the powers that be have turned up the power of the mobs by a least 200%. Well I for one will now delete this game. If there is one thing I cannot abide and I have played more of these than most people have had hot dinners is, ruthless game owners trying to pull the wool over the gamers eyes.
    They will learn through their pockets. Change is coming and it will be the gamer that tells the makers how they want the game and what is reasonable prices for shop items. If they don't listen then they don't have a game simple. These online apps are highly dubious at best and laws need to be made to control them.

    Thanks for the short blast but enough is enough ;) cheers
  4. cswoon Trainee

    I used to get the Anomaly quests just fine before, however since I hit lvl.25, I'm not getting them anymore. I guess it's a small bug as I think I saw it reported by few players too already.

    Personally I find that 3 crystals for 1 Yggdrasil Amber is fine as price, and don't really have problems with it; we like the game, it's only normal to support it (in the hope that it keeps getting better and better).

    Yes, I also have many friends so I get fair load of them for free daily, thus it doesn't really feel too much a problem for me. That being said, I agree that it would be nice to have an alternative option (beside adding random friends) just for the purpose of getting Ambers.

    Then again, maybe it's also because I'm not getting my anomaly quests anymore. (personally I'm not in a hurry and usually prefer gather all the mats by myself, so getting the ambers at slow pace through anomaly quests should be just fine too)

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