Lucas PVE-PVP Skill and Item Build ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hardena, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Hardena Trainee

    Hi guys. I need lucas Pve-and pvp build. I looked some thread but i did not find any info.

    Ty already
  2. unlistedturtle Combatant

    Ok, so question, do you want a build for racking up combos? Or killing quickly?
    Its really a matter of preference so I will tell you the most useful skills are best suited for.
    (fyi DoT's keep your combo going as long as you don't get hit.

    Hot Hand: PvP, PvE for comboing.
    Whirling Flourish: PvP, PvE for comboing and killing bosses or mobs.
    Gentleman's Gust: PvE mobs, sux in pvp
    Breaker Bade: Insanely good for pvp, lucas's best skill, decent for PvE small DoT helps with comboing and kills mobs fast.
    Possessed Blade: His best DoT spell, stuns and can stay off a combo.
    Caltrops: The AoE and DoT make it a good PvE skill especially for comboing because of the bleed effect.

    Prescient Insight
    Loose Pockets
    Grounding (for PvP resistance is important!)
    Coolant Leak (I think that is what it is caled), is good in PvP to counter Whirling Flourish

    also, if this is the thread you're talking about:
    then I'm sorry my guide didn't give good information.

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